Sales Force

Have you recently stepped in business with your unique services? Do you want someone to manage all about the sales from your business? For all your Sales Force requirements, you are at the right place, at An2 Software. We are a one stop shop for all your Sale Force requirements, shopping cart applications, business website content management and Open Source Development services. An2 Software offers custom sales force solutions with respect to Application Development, Data Extraction and Synchronization.

The Sales Force management systems like Application Development and Data Extraction and Synchronization are nothing but the information systems that are used in CRM marketing to manage automated sales. For growth of business you definitely need to measure yearly sales and do whatever is required to increase the sales in future. For your Sales Force management requirements, you can count on us. With our unique and custom made Sales Force solutions and applications you can easily manage and record all stages in process of sales.

With Sales Force solutions or the SF contact management system, you can:


  • Track the details of all contacts made with all customers
  • Track the purpose of contacts
  • Follow-up with the contacts as per the need
  • Extract required data and synchronize it accordingly


The features of our Sales Force services that can benefit your business include:


  • Sales forecasting-forecasting the future sales as per previous records
  • Product knowledge-adding product knowledge and sharing it with customers
  • Order management-managing the orders placed by your customers


With our sales force solutions, data extraction and synchronization and application development solutions, we can instantly model and design unique custom sales products to meet all business requirements of the clients. All this is done through online product building solutions! Time management, call management, account management, territory management and sales force management, are the metrics linked with our sales force solutions.

An2 Software specialises in open source sales force management solutions to let your business grow in near future.  Small scale, medium and large scale business owners can share their choice sales force requirements with us and receive best possible solutions. Irrespective of what industry you are a part of and what scale business you carry, we assure you delivery of unique sales force management solutions for all clients with quality sales management functionalities.

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