Lucene and SOLR

Got board of the very old Open Source technologies? Do you want to try out something new, the Lucene and SOLR Open Source Technologies for your business products? For your Open Source Technologies and lot more, you can depend on An2 Software. We are a one stop shop for not only Open Source Technologies like Lucene and SOLR but also for BIRT. Once the technologies are designed and ready, with our SEO and Internet Marketing and other latest business marketing solutions, you can take your business one step ahead.

SOLR is now used as one of the popular open source technologies, featured with lots of attractive highlights. At an2 Software you can avail best of SOLR open source technologies that are featured with


  • Full text search and database integration
  • Rich documentation like word and pdf files
  • Faced search and dynamic clustering
  • Hit highlighting and geospatial search


When you upload your business sites you would expect your customers to have an easy access to your services. By connecting your business site with open source technologies like lucene and SOLR, we at An2 Software, make sure to provide a distributed search with index replication. With this technology your business site can be easily searched and navigated online by clients. Few of the finest features of using Open Source Technologies like lucene and SOLR include:


  • Optimising a high volume online traffic
  • Open Source Technologies like SOLR enables advanced full text search capacities
  • Promotes scalability, flexibility and adaptability
  • Custom plug-in architecture can be designed


For amazing applications and open source technologies for your business you can depend on An2 Software. With years of practice, expert knowledge and team of professionals, we make sure to design, program, develop and implement user friendly application for your business. Using Open Source technologies for better business management is a rising trend in current market.

You can even tailor your business products from us with our open source technologies and make them more advanced. Simply let us know your requirements and we assure to deliver best possible end products that would help you manage the business cost effectively.

Whether for Open Source Technologies, SEO or for Internet Marketing services, An2 Software can be your one-stop shop.

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