Open Source Technologies

Searching for a service provider who could offer affordable and best-in-market solutions in Open Source Technologies? You are at the right spot then! We at An2 Software specialize in Open Source Technologies, like Lucene, SOLR and BIRT. Do you wish someone to access your business end product, its design and implementation so as to make some changes as per business requirements? Our developers and producers make sure to use the best-in-market Open Source Technologies to access your business end product so as to enhance them.
An2 Software is a specialised service provider in Open Source Technologies, Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing solutions. As far as Open Source Technologies is concerned, we work with technologies like Lucene, BIRT and SOLR. Through the open source codes and programs it is simple to program and design, develop and implement self-enhancing business products, production models, interactive communities as well as communication paths.

Are you willing to design and develop a unique interaction path or a community to share and spread the business voice and receive quick feedback? We at An2 Software assist you in the same. Experts from our end will study your business requirements to design and develop programs in best open source technologies. With more centralised approaches, models of development and different agendas, a unique open source product or template will be designed so as to better manage your business services.

Our main practice and principle of open source technologies include peer production of product by collaboration and bartering with end product, the blueprints, source material and available documents. Whether you are working in the industry of Health Care, Medical, Education, Media, Arts, Science or even Networking, you can get all possible Open Source Technologies designed from us at affordable costs.
An2 Software specialises in Open Source Technologies that are suitable for your business requirements. With our expert services you can avail following merits:


  • Speedy development of business applications with technologies like Lucene, BIRT and SOLR
  • Development of technologies with flexibility in terms of coding and designing
  • Convenient alterations and modifications through flexible solutions
  • Secure web applications


Join hands with An2 Software and expect more profits from business in near future!    

Our Technologies

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